Afia Amoako, Immunology

Afia AmoakoAfia Amoako Full Name: Afia Adofo Amoako
Country of Origin: I was born in Ghana and have lived in Tanzania and the US, but now I call Toronto home
Undergraduate Department: Immunology

Current Research Experience
I worked in a lab at the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development looking at HIV health literacy in African, Caribbean and Black Women. As a research student, my job was to help transcribe the focus groups we ran and compile the data.  I have also volunteered in Dr. Elena Comelli’s lab helping out with bacteria culture of various micro biome bacteria.  In my third year, i worked on a research project with Dr. Glover studying the two chaperones. My project was focused on better understanding the molecular interaction between these two proteins.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals
After my undergraduate degree, I hope to either pursue graduate work in immunology or a get a medical degree

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