Antoinette Bugyei-Twum - Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Specialization

Antoinette Bugyei-TwumAntoinette Bugyei-Twum PhD Candidate
Country of Origin
: Ghana
Pre-MSc/PhD Education: Biochemistry (BSc, MSc)

Recent Research Experience:
Exploring the mechanisms of diabetic complications, mainly diastolic heart failure, under the supervision of Dr. Kim Connelly at St. Michael's Hospital

Current Research:
My current research focuses on diabetes and cardiovascular complications. I am particularly interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that drive the development of diabetes-induced heart failure to devise effective therapies for diabetic patients in this cohort.

Why Faculty of Medicine
I chose the Faculty of Medicine for its strong academic research/medical programs. Recognized as a world leader in translational medicine, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto provides the appropriate platform for its students to make significant contributions towards the betterment of society through science.

Future Education plans and/or Career Goals
I plan to pursue post doctoral training after the completion of my doctorate degree with the ultimate goal of securing an academic position to conduct independent research.

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