GLSE GPD Grad School Impact Workshop Nov 10

Nov 10, 2017

The Science Impact Workshop

Friday November 10, 2017 9am -12 noon
Macleod Auditorium, 2158

By: Dr. Nana Lee

Optimize your research productivity, meaningful engagement and strategic communications for graduate school and beyond. All participants are strongly encouraged to submit the prework to enhance their experience.


  1. Fill out your individual development plan from Science Careers. Submit three SMART goals on a word document entitled “Last name_SMART goals”
  2. Write a one page resume using the CAR method and cover letter for a job description. Submit resume, cover letter and job description as pdfs and word documents entitled “Last name_JobApp”

All prework documents are to be submitted after October 14 and by midnight, November 3, 2017 to Those with excellent prework and in-class participation will be eligible to be considered for a site visit to Research and Development at Sanofi Pasteur. Decisions will be announced before Nov 17, 2017.

The Workshop

Hour 1: Your Individual Development Plan
Hour 2: Meaningful Engagement: the WHY behind your work
Hour 3: Strategic Communications with your PI and the Job Market

The workshop will involve providing feedback to your peers on your resumes and SMART goals. Please bring your laptops or hard copies to swap. All participants of this workshop are willing to share their resumes and agree to keep all personal information confidential.

All attendees of this workshop are then eligible to book a 30 minute one-on-one consultation with Dr. Nana Lee to discuss individual professional development.

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