Jaehyoung Jay Choi, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Jaehyoung ChoiJaehyoung Choi Name: Jaehyoung Jay Choi
Department: Department of Pharmacology and Biomedical Toxicology
Country of Residence: Toronto, ON, Canada

Why Faculty of Medicine?
Going through first year of Life Sciences, I was fascinated by how the knowledge I have obtained in school can be integrated and applied in different fields. This lead me to aspiration for having more specialized education, as well as more opportunities to be able to apply what I have learned in school into work. The Faculty of Medicine provides numerous opportunities to transition textbook knowledge to in-field settings in many specialized disciplines, and provide with strong educational foundation to do so.

Why the Department of Pharmtox?
One of my most influential mentors in first year study is pursuing his Ph. D in pharmacology at U of T, which initially guided my interest in Pharmtox. The best part about Pharmacology and Toxicology is that it is a very integrative field that joins many disciplines as Biochemistry, Physiology, Immunology, Genetics, Data Science and Neurobiology. Integration of knowledge was the biggest hit for me in deciding my program. The department also supports us by offering lots of research opportunities, Professional Experience Year to obtain industrial experiences, and education that will prepare students for the future.

Current Research Experience
I started at the Andreazza Lab through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, investigating clinical validity of peripheral lipid oxidation in Bipolar Disorder through statistical analysis. Currently, I am investigating the genetic mosaicism across brain regions in type I Bipolar Disorder patients. My research has not only helped me to obtain laboratory skills and new knowledge, but also allowed me to work with inspiring colleagues and mentors.

Future Goals
I hope to pursue graduate degrees in Pharmacology and Toxicology after my undergraduate degree. I do not have specific plans after graduate studies, yet I am interested in education, clinical research, and rehabilitative medicine.

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