Julie Chen, Molecular Genetics

Julie ChenJulie Chen Student Name:  Julie Chen
Country of Origin:  Pickering, ON, Canada
Undergradaute Department:  Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Specialist (Microbiology Stream)

Why Faculty of Medicine?
Entering university as an undergraduate student undecided about which field to pursue research, the Faculty of Medicine was appealing for its international recognition of high-quality work in a multitude of fields. The diversity of research fostered here makes it an ideal environment for students to explore their interests.

Why this Department?
A TED Talk given by Dr. Bonnie Bassler (Princeton University) had left me mesmerized by the capacity of bacteria. My new found interest then led me to pursue my degree as a Microbiology Specialist. The department has also made remarkable efforts in reaching out to its undergraduate students. The opportunities offered to specialists have been well-harmonized with those offered to graduate students, allowing us to seek further training at an earlier point in our careers.

Current Research Experience
I’ve had the opportunity to hold an independent project in the Nodwell Lab. My current work focuses on characterizing a two-component system found in Streptomyces coelicolor which regulates the production of a variety of antibiotics. However, to broaden my expertise, I will be completing the remainder of my undergraduate career in the Davidson Lab.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals
My undergraduate research experience thus far has driven me to continue pursuing a career in research. In the coming fall, I will be applying to graduate schools.

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