Louiza Azzouz, Biochemistry / Human Biology

Louiza AzzouzLouiza Azzouz Student Name:  Louiza Azzouz
Country of Residence:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Undergraduate Department:  Biochemistry, Human Biology

Why Faculty of Medicine?
I chose the Faculty of Medicine because it is one of the best medical undergraduate program in Canada. I wanted to learn from the great professors at UofT and challenge myself to be the best learner and discoverer I could be.

Why this Department?
I chose the Biochemistry Department because I want to learn about the basics of proteins, RNA, and DNA. I want to understand the fundamentals of biological processes down to the molecular level. I also chose Human Biology to learn about the current research and developments taking place in the medical field. This major explores biology from a larger perspective: cells, organs, and entire organisms. I believe these programs complement each other and equip me with the full spectrum of knowledge to approach current research. 

Current Research Experience
My current research experience involves research in NETs and complement, components of the innate immune system. I have been a part of an Immunology lab at SickKids for the past year.

Future education plans and/or career goals

I would like to pursue research in the medical field as my educational goal. I would also like for research to remain a part of my future profession. 

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