Marim Barghash, Biochemistry

Marim BarghashMarim Barghash Student’s Name: Marim Barghash
Country of Origin: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Undergraduate Department: Biochemistry

Why Faculty of Medicine?
This faculty provides one of the best educational programs to undergraduates and graduates alike in its field. I chose to be a part of the faculty of medicine to have the best opportunity to learn first-hand what it takes to be actively involved in biomedical research. This has come in part through lab courses, independent research opportunities and summer research work.    

Why this Department?
My interest in science ultimately stemmed from a curiosity to understand the molecular details of how biological organisms function. Biological processes that support life are carried out by proteins that catalyze reactions and this department has allowed me to begin to understand the underlying principles that govern the activities and interactions of proteins, as well as providing a strong molecular biology, genetics, and immunology background.

Current Research Experience
I was a part of the research opportunity program in second year and I worked in Dr. Moraes' lab. My project involved an ABC sugar-phosphate transporter found in some pathogenic bacteria that cause pneumonia . I investigated the interaction between the subunits of the transporter through an E.coli growth assay and site directed mutagenesis. I hope to work in Dr. Watts' lab in the summer of 2017 with a protein folding project.  

Future education plans and/or career goals
I hope to continue my studies as a graduate student at the University of Toronto.

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