Mohammadali Ahmadipour, Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedial Engineering

Mohammadali AhmadipourMohammadali Ahmadipour MASc Candidate
Country of Origin: Shiraz, Fars, I.R. Iran
Pre-Masters Education: B.Eng. Biomedical Engineering ( Honours)

Recent Research Experience:
In the last two years of my undergraduate studies at Ryerson University, under the supervision of Dr. Ziad Saghir, we looked into the fluid dynamic behavior of blood in cardiovascular diseases and numerically modeled the accumulation of Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in the vasculature.

Current Research Experience:
After Completion of my bachelor, I joined the Institute of biomaterial and biomedical engineering (IBBME) and Latner Thoracic surgery research laboratories at the University of Toronto. I currently work on a lung regeneration project under the supervision of Dr.Thomas K.Waddell & Dr.Golnaz Karoubi, in which we are studying the impact of dynamic environment on re-epithelialization of decellularized lung airways and designing the next generation organ-specific bioreactor for lung recellularization. One of the signature characteristics of the lung is ventilation, and we are trying to accommodate this criterion in our system by mimicking the in vivo conditions (using negative pressure to breath) and physiological rates. By having such system in place, we are hoping to take some steps forward to solve the organ shortage problem facing millions worldwide and produce on the shelf and engineered lungs ready to be transplanted.

Future Education Plans and Career Goals:
After the completion of my master's program, I am planning to pursue my future goals by enrolling in an MD/ Ph.D. program. In my time at the University of Toronto, I learned that engineering and science complement each other and this case is even more evident in medicine. By becoming a physician-scientist one can observe the challenges and mysteries in the clinic and seek to solve them in the lab. I am very passionate about my Masters' project and hope to see that one day we can make engineered organs in the lab and save and improve the quality of life of those patients who are waiting on the long waiting lists.

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