Molecular Genetics

Jessie McAlpineJessie MacAlpine Student Name: Jessie MacAlpine
Supervisor: Dr. Leah Cowen, Associate Professor & Associate Chair
Canada Research Chair in Microbial Genomics and Infectious Disease, Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto

Jessie has been completing research since the age of twelve in diverse areas such as climate science, genetics, biophysics, agriculture and infectious disease. Competing in national and international science fairs, her work has received a variety of accolades including Best in Medicine at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and in 2014 she was named one of Canada's Top 20 Under 20. Currently, she is a National Scholar at the University of Toronto studying as part of the Specialist Molecular Genetics and Microbiology program, working with Plasmodium falciparum in Kevin Kain's lab and Candida albicans in Leah Cowen's group. Her research currently involves the development of a novel antimalarial drug as well as investigating the genetic basis of host-pathogen interactions between C. albicans and macrophages. In the future, she hopes to pursue a doctorate degree in microbiology or biochemistry and continue her research career in infectious disease and global health, while supporting student researchers through working with Youth Science Canada.

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