Monika Bilic, Nutritional Sciences

Monika BilicMonika Bilic Student Name: Monika Bilic
Country of Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Undergraduate Department: Nutritional Sciences

Why Nutritional Sciences?
I chose nutritional sciences because nutrition is a quickly evolving field, and there is always something new and exciting to be learned. With media articles published daily about which foods are trendy and which are linked to diseases, my nutritional education helps me to make sense of the research behind these articles and to separate fact from fiction. I've always been interested in the physiological effects of various foods and nutrients, and thus, nutrition was the best choice for me.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals.
My education in nutrition has exposed me to a plethora of research being done at the University of Toronto and nearby world-renowned hospitals. I hope to one day delve into research, either through getting a masters in nutrition at the University of Toronto, or first by going to medical school.

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