Naomi Zingman-Daniels, Translational Research Program

Naomi Zingman-DanielsNaomi Zingman-Daniels Year of Study: 2nd
Student’s Name: Naomi Zingman-Daniels
Graduate Department:  Translational Research in the Health Sciences
Country of Residence: Canada (Country of origin is USA)

Why Faculty of Medicine?
Since high school, I have been interested in health-related topics and the best ways to be able to reach and positively affect the health of those around me. The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine is internationally recognized, a huge pull for an international student like me. With both a strong clinical, research, and entrepreneurship presence and reputation, it felt like a perfect place to start my graduate and postgraduate career in a collaborative health space.

Why this Department?
I worked in clinical and translational research for the past few years before deciding to pursue a graduate degree. The Translational Research Program here at University of Toronto provides a unique, collaborative, and connected education that isn’t really available anywhere else in the world; being uniquely positioned within the vibrant health ecosystem in Toronto provides opportunities for collaboration and learning that wouldn’t be available anywhere else.

Current Research Experience

I have worked in neuroimaging, clinical, biomechanical, and rehabilitation research. Currently, I am working at the Toronto Rehab Institute-KITE in assisting cataloguing their intellectual property. I also work as a researcher and project lead in program evaluation and knowledge translation with an assistive technology start-up company focusing on smart technology implementation to increase independence for those with mobility challenges.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals
After the completion of my master’s program, I plan on continuing my work in the rehabilitation, disability, and technology space. From my beginning work in Boston through my experiences here, I have learned how passionate I am about this work and how much I feel that there is room for growth and for helping people. By continuing to work collaboratively across specialties, spaces, and demographics, I hope to be able to assist in creating an accessible and inclusive society.

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