GLSE Poster Competition Winners

Congratulations to the 1st place winner Lisa Qiu for the GLSE Poster Competition     Lisa Qiu
Jul 14 / 2016

Winners Announced: GLSE Talks One-Minute Video Competition

Competition Winners First Place: Allulose & Type 2 DiabetesCreated by: Jarvis Noronha, Nutritional Sciences
Jun 14 / 2016

Adults with Anorexia - Finding suitable treatment for the deadly ‘teen’ eating disorder proves difficult for chronic adult sufferers

The stereotype of teen girls trying to lose weight doesn’t tell the full story. Lisa Sheinfeld, who has battled off-and-on for two decades, is feeling optimistic about her progress. The dizzying combination of side effects hit Lisa Sheinfeld like clockwork.
May 30 / 2016

Meet our Graduate Student Ambassadors

GLSE Ambassadors are current students who have generously volunteered their time to help make your MSc and PhD decision.  They are also there to help current students transition into graduate school.  Our student ambassadors can answer your questions via e-mail or skype.  Contact us to arrange to speak to an ambassador.
Mar 11 / 2015


GLSE @ U of T
@UofTGLSE #FoM Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research - Scholar Award Recipients - Summer 2017
GLSE @ U of T
@UofTGLSE #FOM UHN Genome Editing Techniques & Applications Course March 14-25 2017
GLSE @ U of T
@UofTGLSE #FoM [LSCDS] March Seminar: Careers at Bloom Burton and Co.March 16 at 5:50 pm - 5:00 pm
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