Parker Arnold, Pharmacology and Toxicology / Physiology

Parker ArnoldParker Arnold Student Name: Parker Arnold
Country of Origin: Timmins, ON, CA
Undergraduate Department: Physiology and  Pharmacology & Physiology

Why Faculty of Medicine?
The undergraduate education within the Faculty of Medicine at University of Toronto is arguably one of the strongest in the nation due to vast expertise of instructors who are engaged in clinical work or research at one of the largest centers in the country. Since the professors are on the cutting edge of research discoveries then they encourage and teach undergraduates to do the same.

Why this department?
I chose the Department of Pharmacology because I am very interested in understanding pharmacological treatments in a clinical setting.

Current Research Experience:
I am working on a project in Dr. Ramsey’s lab in the Department of Pharmacology that investigates neuroinflammation in a NMDA receptor deficient mouse of schizophrenia. Anti-inflammatory drugs are being used more frequently on a clinical basis as an adjuvant to typical schizophrenia medications. We are trying to determine if this proposed model of schizophrenia modulates pathways in the brain to induce inflammation. By determining the expression of inflammatory genes, we can being to investigate possible drug targets to reduce the inflammation to ultimately aid in the attenuation of schizophrenic behaviours.

Future Education plans and/or career goals
Further education in the Faculty of Medicine has always been a dream of mine.

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