Shawn Xiong - Biochemistry

Shawn XiongShawn Xiong PhD Candidate
Country of Origin
: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Pre MSc/PhD Education:  Hon. B.Sc. Joint Chemistry and Microbiology, University of Manitoba

Recent Research Experience:
Define protein structure and function by X-ray analysis

I am a driven and optimistic prairie guy. I like sciences, because I am driven by the unknown lying in front me and optimistic that one day I will have an answer; I like books, because I was driven by the beautiful and unexpected paragraphs hidden in the pages yet remain optimistic that I will thoroughly savor it very soon; I also like running, because I am constantly driven by the runners behind me and optimistic that I will be ahead of them in the end of the race. In the end, I like to be busy, because I know I am not wasting my life.

Current Research:
Using X-ray as a tool to understand how a single cell orchestrates its internal communication

Why Faculty of Medicine?
University of Toronto has the best life sciences research in the country and remain as an elite on the international stage. I chose Faculty of Medicine to enjoy the cutting edge research as well as the vast collaboration within arm's research. With the superb training, I am better prepared to take on the future challenges and become a lead in my own field.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals:
I am interested in college/university teaching.

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