Stephanie Stelea, Immunology

Stephanie SteleaStephanie Stelea Student Name: Stephanie Stelea
Country of Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Undergraduate Department: Immunology

Why Faculty of Medicine?
The Faculty of Medicine is known for its many interdisciplinary and collaborative specialization. It also has a reputation for high quality research.

Why this Department?
I chose immunology, because for me, it represents the future. I am interested in research in cancer and transplantation immunology. Immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases have always fascinated me.

Current Research Experience

As I am currently halfway through my undergraduate degree, I am just at the beginning of my research career. I have completed a second year research project in Molecular Genetics. The project investigated if a protein involved in sister chromatid cohesion can act autonomously in yeast. During the summer of 2017, I will be assisting a project that studies the effects of climate change on the physiology of marine animals in the Bay of Fundy.

Future education plans and/or career goals.
After completing my undergraduate degree, I hope to complete graduate studies and then pursue a career in medicine.

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