Vida Erfani, Molecular Genetics

Vida ErfaniVida Erfani Student Name: Vida Erfani
Country of Origin: North Bay, ON, Canada
Undergraduate Department: Molecular Genetics

Why the faculty of medicine?
As a first-year life science student, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine, but I saw my undergraduate degree as a chance to build a strong foundation in biological sciences. The wide variety of undergraduate courses that are offered by the faculty of medicine foster critical and innovative thinking in all areas of biology which can then be applied to a future in research and/or medicine.  

Why this Department?
As a discipline, molecular genetics originally appealed to me because by nature it digs deep down to the molecular level to find the root of the problem. The department further captured my attention with its reputation for having supportive professors who genuinely care about our success, and of course the cutting-edge research that they do. The high number of research opportunities available in this department means that anyone with a passion for genetics will find an area of study that interests them, whether it be in basic research or clinical research.

Current Research Experience
Currently, I am involved in research at The Hospital for Sick Children in Dr. Brian Ciruna's lab. I study the causes of idiopathic scoliosis using zebrafish as a model organism. Apart from genetics, I have past research experience in medicinal chemistry, cognitive psychology, as well as public health research.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals
My goal is to study medicine, but as of yet my path towards this goal is undecided. I am considering pursuing a graduate degree in genetics.

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