Ajay (Luke) David

Ajay DavidAjay David Home Institute: Univerty of Toronto
Supervisor: Carol Schuurmans

I am currently completing my Honors Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Co-op) at the University of Toronto, Scarborough (UTSC). Enrolling in this competitive laboratory-rich program I was able to integrate my understanding of chemical and physical processes with the complex biological systems that underlie life. I was born in the coastal sea-town of Mount-Lavinia, Sri Lanka where I lived till I was 17 years old. Accordingly, in 2014 my family moved to Canada where we took up residence in Scarborough, Ontario. I aspire to work in the field of molecular biology with a particular focus on cellular regeneration. Since coming to Canada, I have worked at Tim Hortons as a general hand, the Toronto Police as a Summer Student and as a research assistant studying black widow spiders at UTSC.

I am looking forward to meeting students with similar interests from around Canada with whom I will be able to share my unique experiences with science and research. Undoubtedly, this experience will provide valuable insights into basic science research that would complement my enthusiasm and future academic career goals. Specifically, the seminar series and the journal clubs will help me appreciate the importance of scientific literature and collaboration in any phase of research. Moreover, the Amgen student symposium will teach the important lesson of sharing science and having peers and mentors review and critique your work. As an aspiring graduate student these program experiences captivate the essence of scientific graduate school which I am looking forward to attend.

I was attracted to apply to the Amgen program since it provides an excellent opportunity to enhance my basic science skills in the field of biomedical research, but also to meet and share experiences with other students. Accordingly, I aspire to continue my studies by enrolling as a Master of Science student in the well renowned Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology department at the University of Toronto. Additionally, I hope to continue my studies by completing a Ph.D. in a similar field in a foreign university so as to broaden my perspective.