Denis Qeska

Denis QeskaHome Institute: University of Ottawa
Supervisor: Molly Schoichet

Hailing from Toronto, Denis is a Schulich Leader Scholar at the University of Ottawa in his second year of Honours Biochemistry. He is passionate about science and its promotion as an Associate Editor of the University of Ottawa Science Undergraduate Research Journal. Denis has also mentored numerous high school students with the Foundation for Student Science and Technology.
Working under Dr. Joseph Kim as part of the Multi-Organ Transplant Student Research Training Program (UHN), he has been involved in research on the BK virus in kidney transplantation and looks forward to presenting this work at the 2019 American Transplant Congress. As a member of Dr. Michele Ardolino's lab (at OHRI) studying Natural Killer cells in immunotherapy, he has developed a particular interest in cancer therapeutics and looks forward to learning more about this field. In his free time, Denis enjoys playing piano, both competitively and at community events, in addition to soccer.

I am most interested in learning about the applications of drug nanoparticles in treating cancer. I find the way that unique properties of drugs and cellular environments can interact to target cancer cells to be particularly fascinating. I am also interested in learning more about this approach to cancer therapy as it is vastly different from my previous experiences in immunotherapy.

The Amgen Scholar's Program is the invaluable opportunity to develop skills critical to an aspiring researcher and to gain insights into research. I have a foundation of experimental techniques that I am eager to apply and tailor to novel situations. I would also learn specialized techniques, for example in cellular imaging, that I can apply to future projects of my own. Building on my experience allows me to make an informed decision when selecting a research field for specialization. The symposium is also an exciting opportunity to connect and share ideas with other students. Through the comprehensive research experience and graduate school seminars, I will gain a firsthand experience of my future career. In sum, the Amgen Scholar's Program is the unique opportunity to take further steps along the path of research I will pursue in the future and helps me develop skills to make meaningful contributions to research and society. I am very excited to be a part of Professor Molly Shoichet's lab.