GLSE Graduate Recruitment Student Group

GLSE Recruitment Student Group
“I am very happy and fortunate to have been a part of the GLSE recruitment student group. Working with other life science students on a project together and having a role in thinking of ideas and implementing them was an amazing learning experience. I would highly recommend others to get involved in the GLSE if you want to make a difference for other life science students by increasing the accessibility to information about graduate school options.“ Brianna Chan, Undergraduate Student

"I loved being a part of the GLSE student recruitment group. I had the opportunity to help run events and I was also able to meet many new people. It was a great learning experience!" Louiza Azzouz, Undergraduate Student

"Being part of the GLSE student recruitment group has been a memorable and rewarding experience. Not only was I able to make lasting connections with staff and fellow students, I had the opportunity to help undergraduate students discern their academic future. A particular event, The Graduate and Professional fair, was a great platform to reach out to students. I recall being approached by several students either daunted by the graduate school application process or overwhelmed by the array of disciplines. Sharing my personal experience and offering insight into life as a graduate student proved to be extremely helpful for many students; it was fulfilling to provide clarity and to see their relief after our chats.

Additionally, I had an amazing time organizing and coordinating the Graduate Shadowing Program with my fellow students. I gained an appreciation for the hard work and dedication required to pull it off. In fact, judging by our positive feedback I consider the event a huge success.

Lastly, I want to encourage all students to get involved during their time at U of T. It truly is rewarding to guide and empower younger student in their academic journey. The GLSE student recruitment group embodies these goals and thus I wish the team continued success in future endeavours. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the team!" Mauricio Umana, MSc Candidate

"I have made new friendships as a member of the GLSE student recruitment group, meeting people from all different years of university, in different programs. It has been a great, educational experience, and has showed me how much effort really goes into organizing all of the events at U of T. It has given me extra appreciation for the U of T community." Katy Tiper, Undergraduate Student

"It was my pleasure to join GLSE recruitment student group. I had opportunities to help out organizing several events  (ex. 5th Annual Graduate Research Fair, UTM Graduate and Professional School Fair.). During the events, not only that I worked together with other brilliant minds from UofT life science. I also had the chance to meet and talked to many faculty members from different life science graduate departments. I got to learn and participate in event preparation and organization, and my academic planning was also benefited from myself the events we held. The project (the GLSE shadowing program) which our volunteer group initiated was very successful as it was the first time this group has ever done so. I highly recommend both undergraduate and graduate students to join our team. As this is a valuable chance for undergraduate students to get exposed to graduate programs in U of T as well as many other great schools in Canada. For graduate students, it is even easier for you guys to take roles at initiating and conducting new projects (the new GLSE shadowing program was initiated by one of our great Master student). Overall, no matter which positions you are currently at, as long as you are a U of T student, and you are interested in graduate programs, come joining us to let more people know our excellent graduate programs." Iris Ma, Undergraduate Student

"Joining the GLSE student recruitment group was a great opportunity for me as a graduate student to provide guidance and introduce the undergraduates at U of T to the plethora of research opportunities and career options available. Knowledge that I wished I received as an undergraduate. It was also a wonderful experience to be a part of the organizing team for the first GLSE graduate student shadowing program, to see an idea foster, and to help to start the foundation of a program that will aim to benefit our undergraduate students. Kati Mao, MSc Candidate

"My experience in GLSE was extremely beneficial as I got to be involved within the internal organization of the university. I always had an interest in assisting the students of the campus, particularly students within the Life Sciences program. I admire the purpose of GLSE, and the effort that goes into implementing plans into reality. What I appreciated the most is that not only did I have the opportunity to guide others, but moreover, I also attained knowledge that benefited me also I obtained helpful information on graduate school, made connections with members within the club from whom I learned different career paths that are available, how they are implementing extracurricular activities other than academics, etc. I undoubtedly valued my time and assigned tasks in this club, and was eager to offer help to other members in ongoing projects, like the Shadowing Program and various events. I recommended the events held by GLSE to my mentee from the MSSU Mentorship Program, and they definitely highly relate to current interests of students. I also further developed my skills of interacting with people in a professional manner, learning to organize several tasks at the same time (academics and extracurricular), and getting comfortable in large public settings (doing class announcements and attending to guests during events). Overall I would highly recommend other students to join the GLSE team for the students and their own benefit. I admired the team's evident hard work and exchange of excellent ideas, and the most awarding part was the implementation of ideas into reality. I wish the best of luck for the GLSE team and its future projects." Siham Hossain, Undergraduate Student

"The GLSE Student Recruitment Group has not only allowed me to thrive in a leadership position, but has also given me the opportunity to collaborate with my peers, resulting in a very well-rounded volunteer experience. Working as a team of graduate and undergraduate students in the Life Sciences stream at UofT, we served as a committee with the aim to create more opportunities for students. Performing tasks such as organizing workshop events, creating research placement opportunities, and initiating student involvement, the GLSE Student Recruitment Group worked to ensure all UofT students were reaching their full potential. Throughout the year, I learned innumerable skills, most importantly being resource allocation and utilization. As a team, we worked together to establish goals, delegate responsibilities, and execute tasks successfully. This program has provided me with a vast network of resources and has given me the opportunity to interact with diverse groups of people. I encourage all students to get involved in some way during their time at UofT. Amongst a sea of 40,000 undergraduate students, it is hard to leave your mark. The GLSE Student Recruitment Group has allowed me to leave mine."  Taylor Baillargeon, Undergraduate Student