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Julie BrillIn the Faculty of Medicine many graduate programs offer doctoral-stream students support at levels above the U of T base funding commitment for doctoral-stream graduate students.  Graduate student base funding is derived from multiple sources.  The principal source will be major external competitive studentship awards including, but not limited to, CIHR, NSERC, and independent foundations.  Other sources of support will include U of T Fellowships, Departmental and Affiliated Hospital/Research Institute internal awards (i.e. OSOTF awards) and student stipends from supervisor’s own research grant.

Student base funding agreement is established at each Graduate Department.  For the funding policy and payment details, students should contact their Graduate Department.

The Faculty of Medicine Harmonized Base Funding Agreement currently governs the stipend amount for doctoral-stream students in all nine Basic Science and Clinical gradaute units.   Yearly stipend amounts are calculated based on an estimate of living expenses (living allowance) and the current year’s tuition fees. 

2020-2021 Faculty of Medicine Harmonized Base Funding Agreement   *2020-21 Tuition and Fees updated
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2019-2020 Faculty of Medicine Harmonized Base Funding Agreement
2018-2019 Faculty of Medicine Harmonized Base Funding Agreement
2017-2018 Faculty of Medicine Harmonized Student Stipend Agreement
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