Karen Mao

Karen MaoKaren Mao Home Institute: University of Toronto
Supervisor: Rima-Al awar

I am Karen Mao, a third-year student at the University of Toronto. I am doing a Pathobiology specialist with a Sociology minor. Born in Edmonton, I have been living between two countries (China and Canada) and have stayed in six different cities (Edmonton, HongKong, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Toronto). Regarding research, I am interested in translational cancer research and drug development. In my spare time, I love to listen to K-pop and watch a lot of food videos.  

I am incredibly excited to gain full-time hands-on research experiences regarding the optimization of lead molecules for cancer therapies. Being in a lab for 10 weeks allows me to study the dynamics within a lab and truly participate in the scientific discovery in labs. In addition to research participation, I look forward to learning the rules for scientific communications and the workload and daily routine of a scientist.

First, Amgen Scholars Program connects students with top-notched scientists who are passionate about solving the most sophisticated and urgent issues society face today. Second, the Amgen Scholars Program is remarkably well-designed. It encompasses research experience, professional development, and symposium participation. Such holistic training cannot be found in any other research programs. I am able to constantly learn new techniques, reflect upon my progress and decide whether my life-long interest lies in this field.