Kevin Kuang and Daniel Tabet, Molecular Genetics

Daniel Tabet and kevin KuangDaniel Tabet and kevin Kuang Name: Kevin Kuang, Daniel Tabet
Department: Molecular Genetics
Research Title:
  • Kevin - Tools for strategic planning of systematic variant effect mapping studies
  • Daniel - Variant effect mapping of Coronary Artery Disease Genes

Supervisor: Dr. Fritz Roth

Description of your research:

  • Kevin - I develop tools that can guide and facilitate the design and application of systematic variant effect mapping studies.
  • Daniel - I am developing assays to be used for variant effect mapping of genes implicated in coronary artery disease pathogenesis.

Why did you choose this department:

  • Kevin - It’s the first department that accepted me. And I was like, I don’t wanna wait anymore. Let’s accept this offer and celebrate.
  • Daniel - I chose this department for its access to world class faculty and the opportunities this leads to.

How was your experience looking for a research opportunity:

  • Kevin - Spamming PIs’ emails.
  • Daniel - Quite straight forward actually, I took a MOGEN course offered by Dr. Roth and Dr. Cote (a research associate in the Roth lab) and this connection led to my position as an undergraduate researcher in the Roth lab.

When did you start your research experience:

  • Kevin - During my third-year in undergrad.
  • Daniel - During the summer leading to my last year of undergraduate studies.

Why did you choose this supervisor:

  • Kevin - Fritz was kind enough to sponsor me, and his research is super cool.
  • Daniel - I was fascinated by Fritz’s work and was drawn to him as a lecturer.

What’s your experience with research:

  • Kevin - I spent two years working on a wet-lab project (tech development) and failed miserably. Now, I’ve joined the bright side and have started doing computational work, which I don’t regret!
  • Daniel - Despite its difficulties I very much enjoy it, I started out purely doing wet-lab research, but have begun learning computational biology and am truly fascinated by it!

How’s the social experience with research:

  • Kevin - As the self-appointed CEO of the Social Experience committee at the Roth Lab, I am dedicated to providing fun, team-strengthening events to lab members.
  • Daniel - It is a very tight knit community, which, much like any work environment, has its up and down sides.

What are your future career plans:

  • Kevin - Graduate ASAP and start making money!
  • Daniel - Difficult to tell at this point, as I only just finished the first year of my degree, but definitely something associated with scientific research, be it in academics or in industry.