Linda (Ling Yi) Guo

Linda GuoLinda Guo Home Institute: Western University
Supervisor: Brian Cox

My name is Linda and I am originally from Fort McMurray. I am currently studying Physiology and Pharmacology at Western University. My goal is to help develop translational drugs that improve patients' quality of life—I always had a deep appreciation for the impact that medical sciences and pharmaceuticals has on people and communities as a whole. In my free time, I like to play music, fence, and read books (especially the Greek and Roman classics).

I am looking forward to learning how world-renowned researchers approach scientific problems and create solutions. It will also be wonderful to get to know people from the Amgen Scholars community.

The Amgen Scholars Program offers so many amazing opportunities. It offers us the chance to be immersed in cutting-edge research and broadening our perspectives through seminars and conferences. The support it provides allows us to focus on our passion for the medical sciences instead of financial situations.