Anas Samman

Anas SammanAnas Samman Home Institute: University of Toronto
Supervisor: Vinod Chandran

Anas Samman is currently pursuing a Specialist degree in Pathobiology at the University of Toronto, and will be going into his fourth year this coming fall. He has taken part in both clinical research and basic science research during his time at UofT, through which he has gained a great appreciation for their respective roles in improving and revolutionizing healthcare. Anas is currently interested in characterizing the various roles that non-coding RNAs play in regulating ribosome biogenesis – a process essential for life. When he's not behind the lab bench, Anas spends his time helping raise funds for orphans around the world as part of UofT's Orphan Sponsorship Program and also mentoring incoming and new university students as part of the student group "From12to1". Anas has recently taken up Judo and has had a great time learning from some of the best Judo practitioners in Toronto. One of his favorite ways to wind down after a long week is a training session with the UofT Judo Club.

Under Dr. Chandran's mentorship, I am most looking forward to gaining a solid understanding of both the general structure of translational research, and its implementation within the context of psoriatic arthritis. I am especially interested in learning how results in the lab are used to improve and perhaps develop new therapies for patients in the clinic especially now that -omics analyses are so accessible.

Having gained an appreciation for both clinical and basic science research, I am excited to soon be working under Dr. Chandran's guidance within the realm of translational research. As an aspiring clinician scientist, the Amgen Scholars program provided me the excellent opportunity to not only conduct research under the mentorship of a world-renowned clinician scientist, but also, to become part of a larger network of leading scientists. Past Amgen Scholars continue to make their mark in science and society at large, and I am very grateful to now be a part of this global community.