Sabrina (Mianchen) Wang

Sabrina WangSabrina Wang Home Institute: McMaster University
Supervisor: James Dowling

My name is Sabrina Wang and I am a third year Honours Biochemistry student at McMaster University. My interest for biomedical research sparked in grade 12 when researching as a high school co-op student in my hometown of London, Ontario. Since then, I have explored various fields of research including clinical pediatric research on the mechanisms of obesity in survivors of childhood brain tumours, and biochemistry research where I co-authored a 2017 publication on finding alternate ways to activate the Parkin protein involved in Parkinson's Disease. As a two-time NSERC USRA award holder, I had the privilege to collaborate with skilled physicians, biochemists, microbiologists, endocrinologists, and biochemical engineers, which have broadened my research interests and curiosity. Beyond my research and academics, I am an avid athlete: I swam competitively since 2009 and competed in 2016-2018 for the McMaster Varsity Swimming team at both the provincial and national level.

I am excited to receive the opportunity to join Dr. Dowling's research team, his lab has done incredible research to help pioneer the use of the zebrafish as a model for pediatric neuromuscular disorders. I am curious to learn about their research on the roles of endo-lysosomes and how they are regulated in muscle development and how they can be affected during disease. I hope to explore how certain mutations lead to muscular dystrophies and congenital myopathies. In addition, I look forward to connecting with other Amgen Scholars and researchers across North America at the symposium in Southern California.

The Amgen Scholars Program is an invaluable opportunity for me to be challenged and mentored by skilled scientists at the University of Toronto. I am thrilled to share my passion and curiosity for research and discovery with mentors and other Amgen Scholars. Each day I try to work towards becoming a better researcher, and I know that the Amgen Scholars Program will provide me with the resources to excel.